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Piers Morgan Interview President Donald Trump

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The Donald sat down with his pal to discuss a number of UK related issues, including the royal wedding and Brexit at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.Former Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan has bagged the first ever international TV interview with President Donald Trump since his inauguration one year ago.

Morgan will meet with his friend Trump in Davos at the World Economic Forum, where the pair are expected to sit down for an interview that a source told The Daily Mirror was “a major coup” for the former CNN host.
The US president sat down for a chat with the Good Morning Britain presenter, covering a wide range of subjects from Jeremy Corbyn to Meghan Markle, Brexit to the climate change.

The interview was screened tonight and we covered it live, with all the reaction at home and abroad At least some of the big moments were already been trailed – including Trump offering a (sort of) apology over his Britain First retweets.In an interview set to air Sunday, President Donald Trump voiced skepticism about climate change by conflating it with global warming.

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