How to Hard Restart iPhone X

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A Hard Restart (aka Force Shutdown) on iPhone x is a way to override everything and completely turn off iPhone so that it can restart with refreshed memory and fewer glitches. This isn’t something you want to do everyt time you turn off your iPhone; it’s more of a last resort when your iPhone is acting wonky or freezes completely. A hard restart is a bit more complicated on the iPhone X than on other iPhones, so we’ll quickly go over the new way you’ll force shutdown your iPhone. Here’s how to hard restart the iPhone X.

If you need to force restart an iPhone X you will need to learn a new method, because Apple has changed how you force reboot iPhone Xcompared to prior iPhone models. This is partially because the iPhone Xno longer has a Home button, so the longstanding method of forced rebooting is no longer possible with iPhone X. Now with iPhone X, you will force restartthe device by using a series of button presses instead

How to Force Restart (aka Hard Reboot) iPhone X

  • Click and release the Volume Up button.
  • Click and release the Volume Down button.
  • Click and hold the Side button.

  • The Slide to Power Off screen will appear; do not slide to power off. Simply continue to hold down the Side button until your screen goes black.
  • The Apple logo will appear once your iPhone X begins to power back up.


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