The birth and death of scientist Stephen Hocking in the 21st Century have been caused by two great scientists from the world today and on a very late date.

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An Italian scientist and scientist, Galileo Gallipoli, who was born in Italy, was born on January 8, 1642, three years later precisely on January 8, 1942, in Stephen Hocking, England, in England. Particularly significant, he contributed to taking astronomy forward. In this context, the “Big Bang” concept, which he believed to have begun in the universe, was analyzed in a more analytical manner, summed up all the studies and published the “The Grand Design” book. His opinions and conclusions were very controversial, and Newton believed that the universe was created by the idea that God created the universe, which he outlawed in his book.

Albert Einstein, a 20th-century scientist, and great physicist was born on March 14, 1879, and died 149 years later on March 14, 2018, in Stephen Hocking, England. The most remarkable thing is that, in the same way, in 1905, by Einstein, “Relativity and Nijaya” was used in the analysis of the black holes and summed up all the studies and published an “A Brief History of Time” book. He believed that it was possible for humans to travel through time and that they would be able to subdue other planets in the future.

Meanwhile, scientist Albert Einstein, a 20th-century scientist, was born on March 14, 21st-century scientist Stephen Hocking died. It is a very important day for physics. That is because we are celebrating “World π day” every year on March 14th. “Π” is an absolute value for us in physics and mathematics. That is, the “π constant” is equal to 22/7 and is roughly 3.14. On March 14 we can also say 3/14. So, for this specialty, we have been named “World π day”, March 14. More specifically, on March 14, the “World Day of the Nativity”, which is of utmost importance to physics, two of the greatest physicists of the world have ever since been born and one died and the other died. How many times did the two use the “π constant” for their counts? So how can we be able to state their death and birth on this day?

The great physicist Stephen Hockey, physicist, and the example he set in his life to the whole world was the greatest

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