Basic iPhone settings – Things every iPhone user must do

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Things all iPhone users must do

We all have a dream of becoming the owner of an iPhone, don’t we? Once you get an iPhone you will love it and protect it like a precious gem. But, are you sure that you are using it in the correct way? So, guys let me tell you about 5 basic things that every iPhone user should do. The bitter truth is, most of you do not do the following basic settings. But, trust me you all MUST do these settings in your iPhone. iPhone users, here we go!!!!

  • Location services

Most of the apps ask for your location data, in order to enable their features. But, is it safe to give each and every app the permission to have access to your location data? No, it is not safe at all.
Do you even know which apps are tracking you down? What really are they doing with your location data? Here’s what you should do.
Go to the settings in your iPhone. Then, go to “Privacy” and then to “Location services”. Now you will find a list of all the apps which have requested permission to have access to your location data. Scroll down the list. If you find any app that you need not have your location data, set it to “Never”. For the apps, you want to access your location data only when using the app, set the settings as “While using”.

  • Auto brightness

You may think of this as something simple. But, trust me this option directly impact on the battery life of your iPhone.
Go to the “Settings” and then to “Display and brightness”. Then you have to toggle “Auto-brightness” option on.

  • Background app refresh

This one too has a huge impact on the battery life of your precious iPhone.
Here we go. Go to the “Settings” and then to “General”. Then you have to go to “Background app refresh”. There you will find the list of apps which has the ability to refresh in the background. If there is an app, which has no intention to do anything in the background, you simply have to toggle the slide to “Off”. Now you are done.
But, keep in mind to have a visit from time to time and do the relevant settings with the new apps you installed.

  • Delete apps

Deleting apps? Is there anything to know about it? Just deleting an app is so simple to know.
Let me ask you some questions. How often do you delete your apps? Did you know you have some apps in your iPhone which you haven’t opened in months or sometimes years?
If you are not using any app, just delete them. Do not keep them piled up in your iPhone. This will clear up your storage.

  • Reboot

If you love your iPhone, reboot it. Your phone needs a fresh start. So, make it a habit to reboot your phone once in a while. Keep your iPhone fresh and you will love it more.

  • Bottom line

Hello to all the iPhone lovers. You buy an iPhone because you love it and so passionate about it. So don’t you want to keep your phone healthy? There are some things all the iPhone users MUST do. Do the location settings, turn on auto-brightness, customize background app refreshing settings, delete unwanted apps and reboot your device. Follow these simple settings and keep your iPhone just like the day you bought!!!!

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